Please note that the Customer Service Help phone number on the Gluco-Manager software is incorrect. The Correct Help line phone number is 1-866-994-3345.

Welcome to Oak Tree International Holdings, Inc.

Oak Tree International Holdings, Inc. is a business group of manufacturers specializing in OEM, ODM and Private Label. Our core competency is diabetes care products. We are dedicated to product manufacturing, innovation and technology.

With offices in Asia and USA, we handle all your global needs in world class cycle time. Our business model is unique and supported by most major medical customers. Having factories and offices in strategic locations help bridge the communication, technical requirements, and culture gap for our customers. We speak the language, know the culture, and factory staff on a personal level. Oak Tree International Holdings, Inc. factories are entering a new era of service and product innovation. We provide world class innovation and differentiation in our specialized market segments with our competitive business model. We are not an importer-exporter, but a business group of manufacturing companies.

“Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers for OEM, ODM and Private Label with factories in Asia without actually having to be there.” We see the barriers with dealing with different countries and cultures and address the global barriers to alleviate these concerns. With Oak Tree International Holdings, Inc. let us be your conduit between our factories and your needs. We conduct the personal visits, perform quality audits, and know the factory personnel. We speak and know the language and culture. We specialize in ODM-OEM and Private Labeling and can generate profitable revenue for your company.


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